22kg Whole Grade-A Lamb cut, packed, vacuumed and hand delivered to your door.

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Lamb is a family favorite across the world. And for good reason. Especially when it is Class-A Lamb. It is a versatile piece of meat that can be spiced according to your taste and go into a variety of different dishes.

But what do the different classes of Lamb Meat mean?

If you’ve ever been in a butchery, you will know that you have different classes of meat. For the lamb meat, there are A, B and C grades of cuts.

Class-A Lamb

Class-A Lamb is generally the most tender. It is the cut that you want for that succulent, tender, and delicious meal. Whether it is the lamb shanks or chops!

Class-B Lamb

The class B is for lambs that have grown past the lamb age. Therefore, the meat is slightly less tender. It is usually a medium-tender cut.

Class-C Lamb

With this class, the lamb is the most mature. Therefore, the lamb is the least tender. However, these cuts can be used in stews and other dishes that require long, slow cooking.

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Lamb Size

11kg (Half Lamb), 22kg (Whole lamb)


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