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Pork Belly is not for the faint of heart. This succulent, delicious cut from the pig is always a hit with family and friends at dinner parties. That’s why we’ve made it available on our online butchery shop that is dedicated to delivering top-quality meat in Johannesburg, Pretoria (Tshwane) and, Emahlahleni. All you have to do is add your selection of meats to your cart, pay, and wait for delivery.

What does Pork Belly taste like?

The meat of the belly has a mild taste, much like the loin. The rich, unctuous flavor comes from the layer of fat that breaks down and enrobes the meat. Because of this, bright fresh ingredients like citrus, fresh herbs, scallions, lettuce, and cucumber often accompany pork belly dishes to offset the richness. – The Spruce Eats

Which spices go with a this cut of pork? At Manna meats we highly recommend getting a strong crackling on the fat with a salt layer! However, for sauces, we recommend a honey and mustard sauce!

We have a whole range of meat products to suit everyone’s taste buds! View our extensive range of meat online. We deliver to Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Emahlahleni every week. Want to keep up to date about our latest specials? Join us over on Facebook where we’re always sharing the best deals!

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