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Brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of beef or veal. The beef brisket is one of the nine beef primal cuts, though the definition of the cut differs internationally. However, it is a family favorite in many households which is why we have made it available on our online butchery shop. Now, you can have it delivered straight to your door.

Beef Brisket cooking tips: 

  1. Fat is your friend. In this case, the fat on the meat is your friend. Make sure not to cut away any of the fat. As the fat melts, it will cover the whole brisket in delicious juices!
  2. Season! Make sure you properly season your brisket. We’re talking lots of salt and pepper and other herbs that you love.
  3. Low and slow is the way to go. Personally, we love slow-cooked brisket. Therefore, we highly recommend popping it in the slow cooker!

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